A selection of works by Waj since 2003.

Movember 2013

As well as the ongoing projects of my work, my house and my son, for this month I am a proud representative of Movember, raising awareness of men's health.

Please also look here for my team's page.

Dundee Women's Aid . co . uk

Helped to revamp a website for Dundee Women's Aid! Rebuilt to Joomla.org requirements with community and custom components.

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Some of the more rounded-off electronic tracks and reworkings of 2010.
LogoVisual Technology

LVT is an ongoing software development project built on a learning technology by the same name. The last complete version is accessible here in a sandbox mode.

See here for further information.

Watch this space for the next distributable version.


A two-player XNA game made with Team Be — a group of talented games makers who met at Next Level Dundee — and presented publicly on two occasions already.

Play as either Yin or Yang to dominate the energy of the universe!


An animation put to a rough track I made a couple of years ago. Take note that half of the animation is code-generated — this means you'll never see the same sequence twice!

(Named after the track, which was entitled so as a result of its placement in a sequence of tracks.)

Mini - The Game

A prototype puzzle/platformer game unearthed and shown here as I left it. I remember being enthusiastic when putting it together, but abandoned it when I found similar ideas on platforms like the Nintendo DS.

My Gingers

Remixed from work in 2006.

Dundee Boccia Club . com

A few weeks of taking the bus to the neighbouring town of Broughty Ferry and to a fantastic little sports club has ended up in this here-we-are website.

This was a volunteer project that I intend to help maintain every few months for the club.

If you're a charitable organisation and are interested in my services, then please email me with an outline of what you think you need for your website and I'll let you know if I can help. Hey, it's good experience for me, too!

Polyboard (beta)

This is an online application to make and share information, in the form of diagrams, charts and patterns.

It spawned from the concept of auto-simplifying geometry and has ended up with an almost organic feel.

Try creating a board and save it for others to see!

  • Drag from the top-left + to create a node
  • Change colour, change scale, create a link and remove node using the four controls at the bottom of each node
  • Move a node by grabbing its perimeter
2D Physics

A simulator from research in 2D physics. I'd like to find the time to finish it. Someday it could actually be used in a game.

Sequence Shuffle Editor

Here's a little tool (or editor) I devised to make creating certain types of animation so much easier.

I've had lots of ideas about how to use it (particularly for music videos) but so far I've only made a couple of small sequences—I'd love to see someone else's attempts!

Go Practice

A practice board for the ancient Chinese game of "Go".

Intended for learning and preparing strategies.


At last! I've bothered to finish the intro to this (spoof) game.

It's a pretty poor imitation of the classic TV show—but it was just too funny to miss doing. I do apologise for the half-hearted voice acting.

The Melting Man et al
Working more with voice samples in 2005 and 2006.
Team Survivor update

About this project: Team Survivor is a game concept that aims to bring together what are currently disparate gaming genres. It arose through conversations about gameplay styles and how it might be possible to break away from current game trends. It is an ambitious but intriguing project that will see community-driven gaming rise to the foreground.

The project currently stands at the end of Stage 1 — a running, shooting, exploding, terrain-editing demo. Version 1.33 (using my SLICE 1.18) is downloadable, but note that this is more of an integration test than a game at this stage.

Some other Flash scrapings I found

I thought I'd populate my Flash list a bit with some old things I found.

The first is a demo for a Space Invaders sort of game I made in uni (2002). The second is a prototype game that I made during uni and ended up using as the subject of some coursework (2005). It's called FOT and I'm keen to develop it further at some point.

A Tú@r*%-style game that's not Tú@r*%

An interesting task: taking elements from a classic game and devising new gameplay. Here's a concept that took 10 hours to implement.

Fatamari is first in my Flash list

This is a spoof game inspired by the fantastic Katamari Damacy series. It's sentiment towards those who one must live amongst.

As seen on newgrounds.com and deviantart.com.


Some electro done over 2005.

The Last Day of Childhood

A background track, made the night before my 21st birthday.

The Dream

An animation I found, made in 2003 after a dream, hence the title.

Also known as The Walk.